Business Incubation Center

Empowering Pakistan’s Healthcare Graduates through Technology.

Join us as we contribute to reshaping the future of global healthcare, one innovative idea at a time.


Vice Chancellor’s Message

Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan

 I am thrilled to unveil our vision for the Business Incubation Center at the Health Services Academy, designed to bridge the critical gaps between employment and the health sector. Our aim is not just to educate but to empower medical graduates, transforming them into healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs ready for the global stage. This center is more than an initiative; it’s a promise to equip our graduates with the skills, confidence, and opportunities to create meaningful impacts in healthcare, ensuring they are not only prepared for today’s job market but are also shaping the future of public health.

Business Incubation Center
Health Services Academy

At our Business Incubation Center, we are deeply committed to fostering technology and innovation within the healthcare sector. Our mission is to serve as the premier incubator for health-focused entrepreneurs and startups, providing them with the state-of-the-art tools, mentorship, and resources needed to transform groundbreaking ideas into viable, impactful solutions. By bridging the gap between medical knowledge and technological advancement, we aim to create an ecosystem that not only propels the health industry forward but also plays a pivotal role in improving patient care and health outcomes in Pakistan and beyond. Our dedication to nurturing the potential of healthcare graduates ensures that they receive the best support to become the change-makers in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Director, Business Incubation Center

Nasir Mehmood Elia

Our mission is ambitious yet straightforward: to empower Pakistan’s youth by unlocking global career pathways in the health industry. This center is a testament to that commitment, offering a fertile ground for nurturing the entrepreneurial spark within our medical professionals.

Armed with international insights and driven by the desire to give back to my home country, I am dedicated to equipping our participants with the tools, training, and guidance necessary to thrive in a worldwide marketplace. We are not just building careers; we are building global leaders in healthcare.


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The Health E-Rozgaar program offered by Business Incubation Center at Health Services Academy, is a revolutionary initiative designed to educate and empower medical graduates for flourishing careers, including international job opportunities. This center combines specialized training, mentorship, and essential resources to transition medical graduates into the realms of freelancing and digital entrepreneurship seamlessly. It focuses on imparting real-world skills, offering mentorship by industry leaders, and providing access to an invaluable professional network. By facilitating a blend of academic excellence with practical experience, the incubation center is committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among medical graduates, preparing them to meet the global demands of the health sector with confidence and competence.


6-Month Comprehensive Health Erozgaar Program

Admission Closed

Global Medic Sprint |
2 Months